Record Label:

Best Pro Records label has been established since January 2020 on the back of the live radio station. The record label was created to help up-and-coming DJ breakthroughs and noticed in the Electronic music scene. Since its inception, it has already worked with R10(AL), Paul Cue, Maze 28, Project Placebo, Flurald, Redspace, and many more.

The label is the creation of the owners of Best Pro Radio which is an online radio station concentrating on Electronic Music. They have been supporting and promoting up-and-coming DJs through their channels and fan base. Best Pro radio was established to help provide a platform for DJs to perform and improve their skills by collaborating with one another and performing to a live audience.

Being part of an exciting industry Best Pro Radio is also involved in the creation of an Electronic music festival ‘Vitium Fest’. It also provides an opportunity and platform for DJs to work and perform their music and share it with a broader audience.

About Us

Build For The Music:

Best Pro Radio began broadcasting in August 2016 as an Albanian on-line radio. Since the beginning we have tried to create a selected audience through popular musical hits of Albanian and foreign origins, with a tendency for a more prominent profile to electronic music. Best Pro Radio aims to transform itself in a place sought for its love for music nonetheless the infancy of the radio. The relation with the ‘crowd’ is based on passion, to offer listeners the best music and in the future an entertaining program. Best Pro Radio is in a process of growth and change, aiming to provide many digital music channels, podcasts, blogs or even news that can be found not only on the site but also on its Facebook page or Instagram.

We aim support up and coming artist in the electronic music genre by providing a platform for their music to be heard. Our platforms include our online radio, live events and live-stream on social media.

Our Services:

  • Jingles for your Radio Station
  • Commercial Spots for your Business
  • Personalised Radio Station
  • Record Label for your music
  • Music promotion on our radio channels

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