ARNW 010 with Styferox

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On this tenth episode of “Aruna Weekly” here at Best Pro Radio, we have an italian DJ, based in France. Styferox is strongly influenced by the rawest sounds of the underground techno scene. His curious nature pushes him to discover new sources of inspiration ranging from acid to more industrial sonority. This combination creates a harmonic balance between dark atmospheres and dynamic impulses. He has always had a passion for the music, since he was a child. He started making music two years ago, and still perfectioning his producing skills. He thinks that electronic music is so wide and every sub-genre has its features. You can easily relate to it, find the good music for your mood…In particular, techno music is the genre that gives him much energy The genres that he likes the most are acid, industrial and dark techno. He really likes harsh and industrial sonorities, in obscure atmosphere. They make him think of rave warehouses and people dancing on hard kicks.

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