ARNW 15 with Natema

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Tetto Benoni better known as Natema is an Italian/Brazilian Dj/producer.
Since it’s formation at London City in 2008, the core principles remains the same. Creativity, Innivation and tireless work to push the boundaries of Electronic Music. Althought the project has started as Tetto, later Natema, had a duo formation mostly on the releases at Prision Entertainment. At that time, the most recognized hit was “Everybody Does” (2014) wich reached the top 3 overall at Beatport. After a long touring in Europe, Russia, Mexico and Brazil, Natema decided to create his own label along with Sugar Hill. This happened in 2008 and the the Label’s name is Transa Records.
In october of the same year, they reached at top 11 overall with the song “Como Va“. The track succesfully crossed the dancefloors around the world. Currently, Natema occupies the 20 position of the most sold artist overall at Beatport in the last 3 months. Lets enjoy his dj set.

Aruna Weekly episode 15 is live now from 6 PM
Click here and listen live

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