DJ Jonko

Albania // Professor at DJ Academy ''Robert Radoja''



His name is Jonid Koritari, Artist name’s (DJ Jonko, Project 22), he studied at the European Academy of Disc Jockey-ing in Milan,

Italy on 2005 and graduated with excellent marks. Back in Tirana he started working not only as DJ, but also as professor at the
Albanian Academy of DJ-ing ”Robert Radoja”.
‘I wanted to share my knowledge and my experience with all the aspiring DJ-s and so I did it during these 6 years’ he says.
On weekends he work as guest DJ for the best clubs in Albania with Deep, Tech-House and Minimal mixes and sets,
but his real passion is the production of various genres.
”I like creating music and never get tired of it, because Music feeds my soul” he says.

Play Cover
Commercial Music
Hip-Hop Music
Deep House Music
Electronic Music
Only Hard Sound
Artisti Lounge (Oxhaku)
Artisti Lounge (Don Bosko)
Famed Bar With Famed People
Black Pearl Lounge Bar
DA'SO Bar & Lounge
Uanist Shisha Lounge
A Place To Be...
On Top Lounge
Uno Bistro Bar
Viro Lounge
Nostalgjia e Muzikes
The Perfect Place
The Pearl of Albanian Coast