DJ R10

Albanian // Owner at ''Best Pro Radio''



Amidst the crisis that today’s music is experiencing i tend to prefer the more underground scene where another brand of DJ-s perform.
Born in Tirana, on the 17-th November of the year ’91 the love for the music was instilled to me since my beginnings,
whereas in my country at the time the chaos of the genres was real my love was for the more ‘heavy’ genres like Trance and Psy-Trance.

Never learned ‘professionally’ the craft as the possibilities at the time were non-existent in Albania, partly because it lacked the mentality,
partly because they were other problems more immediate to attend to.
I learned more by watching others and imitating the attitude, the moves and later seeing the technique behind the craft.

Because the capital lacked one professional internet radio that instilled to people the same feelings that inspired it to me,
in year ’16 i established ”Best Pro Radio”.


Agency Best Pro Radio

Phone +355 69 373 7757

Email [email protected]

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