Mario P.

Barletta, Italy // Tirana, Albania



Born in Barletta, Italy, Mario P. Dj attended some courses about playing turntables and vinyl music. Thanks to his teacher Ricky Erre Love, he increased his passion for house, electronic, hip hop and techno music. Since 2013 Mario P. Dj performed many private parties and after he moved to Albania, Tirana in which he took part in some
of the most important electronic festivals all around the country. With his teacher he also start with a new (but old) way for go on with his career: VINYL.
He begins to invest his savings to make music and approaches his first vinyl purchases. His favorite styles lead him to play different kind of music (DIZZY TUNES, MORD RECORDS, PERC TRAX).
In Tirana he continued to research vinyl music and practice them while is starting new projects on productions with Roland machines.
In October 2018 he starts a new activity as a Vinyl Djing Teacher to begin an underground culture in an academy in Tirana, teaching people to be a professional Dj.

Now he spreads his music around the world with Best Pro Radio to start a new underground culture in balkans, doing a lots of festivals in amazing locations with the Vitium’s brand.


Phone +355 69 344 1475

Email [email protected]

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