Maze 28

Albania // Durres



Mario Zefi, also known as Maze 28, is an Albanian electronic artist. When he was eight years old, he had his first encounter with music.
Since then, he has been exploring all types of music, from mainstream to underground, and in the end, ethnic he found his calling in the amazing world of underground music.
He is a mastermind in infusing ethnic elements into his music.
That is his signature, which defines him from other artists in his country.
Sounds from the Middle East and Africa are his main interests.
His styles extend from melodic techno to progressive house, and he recently began including indie dance sounds, which he draws inspiration from Russian underground music, which he adores.
When his track Nazareth was released, his name began to spread, and since then it has been supported by many DJs from around the world.
The same thing happened after he released more tracks like Paradise Engineering, Indigo, and Tribu.
His tracks have been featured in Beatport’s monthly selection of the best melodic techno and progressive house tracks, as well as on the Beatport charts, where they have reached high rankings.
His tracks have also charted at number one on Mixupload charts.
He has been working with Best Pro Records since the beginning, but now he also started to work with labels from around the world such as Revolt Music, Transa Records, and Dear Deer Music.
He got support from tons of DJs, including
Alexander Alar, R10(Al), Jon. K, QDream, Savin, Alessa Khin, and more.

Social Networks: https://linktr.ee/maze28music


Agency Best Pro Radio

Phone 0692161664

Email [email protected]

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