Maze 28 & R10(Al)

Out on: Best Pro Records


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The 5th release from our label this year, its a track by R10(Al) and our top artist Maze 28 called ‘Equal‘. This track is an underground beast, containing R10’s classic dark elements and Maze 28’s signature Melodic-Deep Tech sounds with his oriental touch. A track which takes us to an endless trip, that makes us dance with its progressive bassline, groovy drum patterns and majestic melodies. For R10(AL), this track its his second release for this year, after his collab with Melotech called ‘Bio-Logical‘. This track is also Maze 28‘s second release this year, after his amazing solo track ‘Paradise Engineering‘. Both of them promise to release more amazing tracks this year, but until then, lets enjoy their new track ‘Equal‘.


Release: BPR 016

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