Record Label:

Established in January 2020, Best Pro Records emerged as a record label born from the success of its online radio counterpart, Best Pro Radio. Our primary objective is to nurture aspiring producers and facilitate their breakthroughs in the vibrant electronic music scene.

From our inception, we have worked with a team of talented individuals who play crucial roles in our operations.

R10(Al)Main Manager
Maze 28A&R / Manager
Paul CueMixing and Mastering Engineer
FluraldMixing and Mastering Engineer
EnkiArtwork Designer

As an extension of the visionary minds behind Best Pro Radio, our label shares the same fervor for electronic music and supporting emerging artists. The founding principle of Best Pro Radio was to create a space where DJs could collaborate, enhance their abilities, and perform live to engage with enthusiastic listeners.

At Best Pro Records, we firmly believe in fostering the growth of the next generation of electronic music artists, aiding them in unlocking their full potential. Our unwavering commitment lies in providing a dynamic platform for budding talent to be heard, fostering their development within the industry, and propelling them toward success.

About Us

Build For The Music:

Best Pro Radio is an Albanian online radio station that started broadcasting in August 2016. From the beginning, we have aimed to create a selected audience by featuring popular musical hits of Albanian and foreign origin, with a particular focus on electronic music.

At Best Pro Radio, we are committed to supporting up-and-coming artists in the electronic music genre by providing a platform for their music to be heard. We showcase emerging talent through our online radio, live events, and live-stream on social media.

We believe that music is a powerful force that brings people together, and we are passionate about sharing our love for electronic music with our audience. Join us on our journey as we continue to evolve and grow, bringing you the best in electronic music from around the world.

Our Services:

  • Jingles for your radio station
  • Commercial Spots for your business
  • Personalized radio station
  • Record LabelĀ for your music
  • Music promotion on our radio channels

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